Recommended udon restaurants and souvenirs

Sanuki Udon (Seisan region)

Famous for its Sanuki udon noodles, the Seisan region is located in Kagawa, Japan's udon prefecture. Kagawa Prefecture has hundreds of udon restaurants, each one different from the rest, and many travelers come from all over Japan just to try these delicious noodles. We recommend you try Japan's best udon at least once.

Recommended udon restaurants

The times shown below are approximate travel times by car from the nearest bus station.

Marugame City

  • 1. Kameyama - handmade udon (Haradacho, Marugame), About 10 min
  • 2. Iidaya (Otecho, Marugame), About 10 min
  • 3. Nakamura (Banzancho, Marugame), About 6 min
  • 4. All Handmade Udon Noodles Yoshiya (Iinocho, Marugame), About 4 min
  • 5. Handmade Udon Noodles Watanabe (Dokicho, Marugame), About 8 min

Zentsuji City

  • 6. Nagata in Kanoka (Konzojicho, Zentsuji), About 4 min
  • 7. Miyagawa Noodle Factory (Nakamuracho, Zentsuji), About 10 min
  • 8. Jumbo Udon Takagi (Haradacho, Zentsuji), About 5 min

Mitoyo City

Kanonji City

Sanuki Udon

Recommended souvenirs

The locals of Kagawa recommend the following souvenirs.

Marugame City

  • 1. Marugame uchiwa senbei at Hogetsudo. (Ikenoshiricho, Kanonji)
    Cute fan-shaped wafer-style crackers. A traditional souvenir with a delicate egg flavor.
  • 2. Sanuki Honetsukidori at Ikkaku. (Hamamachi, Marugame)
    Local soul food in the shape of a thick piece of delicious, roasted chicken thigh flavored with a special blend of spices.

Mitoyo City

  • 3. Oiri at Yamashita Oiri Honpo. (Takasecho, Mitoyo)
    Colorful confectionary balls roughly one centimeter in diameter. The perfect souvenir to present to someone on a special occasion.
  • 4. Tossaka manju at Tossaka Manju. (Minocho, Mitoyo)
    Soft and moist steamed buns filled with smooth, slightly sweet bean paste.

Kanonji City

  • 5. Kanonji manju at Hakueido. (Yanagimachi, Kanonji)
    An airy sponge cake-like Japanese confectionary containing sweet white-bean paste.
  • 6. Kamaboko at Fukuya Kamaboko (Minatomachi, Kanonji)
    Kamaboko is a type of cured surimi and this store makes theirs from shrimp and small fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea. The fried shrimp version is particularly famous.
  • 7. Aimusuyaki at Makuya Toyoura (Kanonjicho, Kanonji)
    Additive-free wafer-like prawn crackers made purely from Seto Inland Sea shrimp.

Local specialties and products of Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture is characterized by a warm and equable climate and is therefore blessed with good food from the Sanuki Plain and bounties of the Seto Inland Sea.There is so much more on offer than just udon noodles—get and about to fully savor the unique flavors of the region.